Introducing Windrock Platinum

The ultimate platform to protect and assess the health of your reciprocating and rotating machinery


Windrock's Portable Diagnostic Instruments

Windrock offers the most comprehensive selection of portable diagnostic instruments available.


Continuous Measurement with Online Monitoring

Windrock's online monitoring systems provide continuous measurement of your machinery's condition & performance.


Engine & Compressor Analysis Services

Windrock provides a wide range of testing & diagnostic services for peak productivity, efficiency & compliance.


Analyst Training Program

Windrock offers training in Compressor Analysis, Engine Analysis, and FFT/Spectrum Analysis.


Welcome to Windrock Inc.

Windrock Incorporated specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of portable and online monitoring and diagnostic instruments, software, sensors, and systems for reciprocating machinery.

Our products are used world-wide by operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel to monitor, trend, alarm, and diagnose the mechanical condition and performance of reciprocating engines, compressors, and pumps.

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